Shifting Shame

An Embodied Journey to Freedom

(Begins early 2022)

When your heart aches with desire, but you’re overcome by self-doubt and shame, would you believe me if I told you that the way out starts with one simple choice?

The choice to return to your body.

Shifting Shame is a 4-month journey for women that guides you, through your body, from a chronic place of self-doubt and not enough-ness to one full of wonder, wisdom and personal freedom. You’ll shed old stories of shame, unlock your richness, and embody a readiness to fully live your life.

You’re a woman who fiercely wants more.

You’re tired of the old story that contracts your life, and of feeling, yet again, that you’ve betrayed yourself or put yourself on hold.

You’re ready to unapologetically live your life full of purpose, trust, deep connection and joy.

This journey could be just what you need, if…

  • You’ve done everything right. Followed the rules, worked hard, stayed diligent, but you don’t feel free. The doubt and insecurity creep in whenever they can, yet you’ve never stopped craving a life of meaning, connection, and adventure.
  • You’ve taken care of others, over-stretched your empathy, and done lots of personal work. You try so hard, but it never feels like you’ve done enough. You’re ready to do what it takes to let go of the inner critic and reach a deep, easy intimacy with yourself.
  • You have a burning desire to not waste any more time with this heartbreaking story of shame, and you’re ready to dare, risk and express all of yourself.

If the cells in your body just woke up and said yes, or you felt the knowing ache of longing in your heart, then join me on this journey.

Step by step, I’ll guide you to move beyond old stories of shame and emerge into a place where you feel completely free to be yourself.

Hey, I’m Marcela Widrig, and I’ve been working with trauma, through the body, for 25 years.


When I was 30, I met a woman in Barcelona, who invited me try some bodywork. For years, I’d struggled with chronic self-doubt and a feeling that I was failing, so I thought, why not? I had no idea I’d just started a journey of a lifetime.

For 18 years, I professionally trained and worked with The Grinberg Method®, a potent approach to un-do the way you’ve shaped yourself around pain and fear. I supplemented this training with Embodied Flow™ yoga, improv, and aspects of Body-mind Centering®.

And 7 years ago, I found myself at a crossroads, personally and professionally. That’s when I began to focus on shame- the crux of our struggles and separation. For the past 5 years, I’ve taught hundreds of women, all around the world to shift shame.

created this powerful online journey to guide more women to do the same. I gathered the most effective tools in one course, and got rid of any fluff, to move you from a painful place of doubt and not-enoughness to one full of freedom, trust and self-compassion. 

My deepest wish is that you thrive.


  • Heal the deep wound of shame in your body, the place where shame originally took root.
  • Listen to and trust your body’s intelligence, as it guides you to a place of healing and expansion.
  • Relish in your body through movement, breath and sensation.
  • Discover the freedom to be yourself with others.
  • Choose how or whether to respond, when shame and self-doubt are triggered.
  • Embody your longings with ease and joy.
  • Join a community of inspiring women from around the world.

Meet Bonnie Bliss
Guest expert on our journey.

She’ll offer up simple tips to move from sexual shame to nourishing pleasure.

Somatic Sexologist and Embodiment Teacher, Australia


Through her work, I’ve been able to cultivate a relationship with my body in ways I didn’t know were possible, and opened to whole new worlds of body awareness that enrich my life every day.

Marcela supports you to feel where shame lives in your body, and how to create space around it and free yourself of the stuckness, numbing and guilt there – which of course opens us up to pleasure, heart openness and deeper intimacy with ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

It’s one thing to recognise the shame we hold, cognitively. It’s another thing completely to address it directly in the body.

She lives what she teaches – Marcela’s work comes from her own deep lived experience, rather than some regurgitated, new age blah-blah. Plus, she’s just an absolute delight to be around!”

My OWN journey with shame:

I didn’t know shame and fear were at the core of my insecurities, until menopause, a break up and professional disillusionment conspired to lay me bare. I felt I’d lost control of my life, and my deepest insecurities came rushing out. I’m too old. I’m not worthy. I’m not successful. Life’s passed me by.

What I’d been practicing until then wasn’t working, and I knew I had to find another way. And it was from a place of deep despair, that I chose to turn around, look at my shame, and say, “Ok, let’s do this.”

When I finally dove in, I found the key to releasing layers upon layers of doubt, humiliation and loneliness. I touched the core of my shame story, and my body showed me the way out. It was only then, after 20 years of working with the body, that I learned to trust its guidance without question. My body was the magic key.

Today, whenever I’m stuck, hurting or ready to put myself down, I go to my body. I feel what’s underneath the stuckness. And when I move with what I feel, I always land in a place full of more options, freedom and trust.

Life becomes an adventure, and I want every woman to discover this for themselves.

To move in the world knowing you have a place in it, you belong, and your gifts are wanted.

This course was born from this deep desire.

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Shifting Shame: An Embodied Journey to Freedom

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Here’s what women are saying…


When people say ‘do the work’ well…this is it; THE WORK.

This course will redefine how you approach life and all the thoughts you have that hold you back, I truly can’t recommend it enough. Marcela is an incredible facilitator and the practices and tools you’ll gain are so simple, yet profoundly deep. Getting more in my body was the tipping point for me to really take all this theory and start embodying it in practice.”


“Marcela’s mastered the art of embodiment to empower you to unravel yourself and stay open, regardless of what life brings.

I’ve spent over a decade exploring embodiment, movement and all things ‘getting more in touch with who I am’, and honesty, I think Marcela is the most skilled and intuitive facilitator I’ve come across. She exquisitely provides paradigm-shifting practices that offer freedom from trauma, a profound understanding of our internal landscape, and a transformative opening to otherwise unseen choices, about how we can show up in the world.”


“This course is a guided visit to your beautiful, imperfect self, and supports you on a path to joy and acceptance.

Marcela guides with a beautiful empathy for each participant and holds the group with both deep wisdom and lightness, so we each felt our unique strength. As a facilitator and coach, this course let me translate all the theory I have into freedom and joy in my own life.”


“This approach truly feels like magic. I’ve learned that my body always has the answer. It knows what it needs, I just need to tap in.

Marcela creates a safe space for me to explore, move, and learn to trust myself. She’s taught me how to tap into what I truly want in life and to un-do the hold shame and my past have on me.

I do this embodiment work because it gives me freedom.”

Irene Lo Bue

Marcela combines an incredible capacity for observation with kinesthetic sensitivity to help her students find the truth for themselves.

She teaches with a compassionate heart, underpinned by her own evolution, and paced with precise timing that unfolds in a digestible way. 

Liz Wong

“Marcela’s the body whisperer!

The number of times she’s known what was going on in my body and what I required at exactly the right time has astounded me.
She helped me reconnect with my body and reminded me of how good it feels to be IN it. Her work has shown me that when we take the time to listen to the stories we hold, we can heal.

This work’s been invaluable to me.”

As you follow the steps of this journey, you’ll reveal your potential: 

 the magic inside of you that’s been waiting a long time to emerge.

Module 1:

Our Collective Container

Support, Trust, & Spaciousness

In Module 1, we get clear on our starting point. Shame’s an intimate subject that touches our vulnerability. So, it’s vital that we create a container for transformation that’s clear, supportive and well-defined.

  • Set the tone for our collective journey
  • Get clear on what shame is for you.
  • Define your intention
  • Make a commitment to yourself and your freedom.
Module 2:

Your body, your physicality, your home

The key to shifting shame

In module 2, you’ll reconnect to the rich wisdom of your body, through movement and embodiment practices. As you move, breathe and sense, you’ll tangibly feel how simple it is for you to shift shame and remember your inherent resourcefulness.

  • Learn to let your body guide with intelligence and wisdom.
  • Reconnect to your lower body, a place of deep, feminine power.
  • Un-do patterns of movement and effort to discover an abundance of options.
  • Expand your capacity to hold your life experience with ease.
Module 3:

Soften and Expand

Melting old reactions to shame

In Module 3, empowerment becomes tangible. You’ll learn to un-do your automatic response to shame, becoming clear in moments where shame turns on, and an old story takes over practice. With practice, you’ll trust that you can melt old reactions, soften and expand.

  • Get a step-by-step approach to become free of the old shame reaction.
  • Learn to listen to what’s happening in your body, in real time.
  • Implement the power of choice when you feel shame.
  • Deepen your connection to energy flow, as shame loosens its grip.
  • Become more natural around others.
Module 4:

Embody profound freedom

Digesting your past

In Module 4, you’ll un-do the hold your past has on you by going to the root of your old shame story. You have everything you need in your body to do this – to open up painful moments of rejection, abandonment and humiliation, and let the energy of this held history move through you and transform. You’ll discover a freedom you’ve been craving for a long time.

  • Un-do how you shaped your body around past hurts, humiliations and rejections.
  • Transform emotional energy into power and ease.
  • Open up space in your body, mind and life, as you digest your past.
  • Trust your sensitivity, emotions and body experience in every moment.
  • Rest and be still.
Module 5:

Nourishing your longings

Embody a space free of shame

In Module 5, you’ll rediscover and nourish your longings, and move as your deepest desires. You’ll expand your edges and keep breaking rules of what it means to be unapologetically free to want, long, and be.

  • Naturally reveal what you long for.
  • Wake up a deep intimacy with yourself.
  • Connect to those around you and to the world, with ease.
  • Make choices that let your desires grow and become real.
  • Move our collective longings to powerfully close our time together.

Here are the highlights of our journey

  • 5 modules that guide you step by step into the magic of your body.
  • 16 weekly sessions to open up this intimate subject together. (most are live)
  • A rich toolbox of movement and embodiment practices your body will start to crave.
  • Time, space and support to touch a subject that challenges all of us.
  • Lots of individual support to guide you along the way
  • Demonstrations, conversations and tangible practices.

Reveal your potential!

Ashleigh Edmunds

“Marcela has a gentle way of sparking the wisdom of the body in everyone she works with.

She combines embodied sensitivity and her own evolution to guide clients to their truth. Her compassion, intuition, respect and TRUST in the body to guide her teachings, result in the most powerful and energising outcomes.”

Catelijne Coopmans

“Marcela teaches with the deepest integrity, through fierce embodiment.

I’ve learned to take a radical interest in what’s actually here and happening in me right now, and not be victimized by it. My body can show me a way through, and  I can choose to go there. It’s been a life-changing insight.

Marcela creates spaces for personal breakthroughs, and a sense of connection with other women and their journeys.”

And there’s more…powerful bonuses to support you on your journey

  • 9 Live Q+A sessions to answer your questions and deepen your embodied experience.
  • 1 Private Somatic Healing Session. Together, we’ll get to those hard-to-reach places, so you come out stronger on the other side!
  • A perception-blowing session with guest expert, Bonnie Bliss, somatic sexologist. Get tips and tools  around sexual shame and pleasure. (You won’t want to miss this!)
  • 1 month of Fiercely Embodied Movement classes where you’ll fall more in love with richness of your body.
  • Private Facebook group. This is a place for us to gather, share, ask and inspire.
  • BONUS: Free access to one Fierce Embodiment workshop, covering a variety of topics from Boundaries to Emotional Power. (This bonus is only for those who make a 1-time payment.)

All your questions answered (FAQ)

Part of my shame is with my body, and it feels like a block to joining.

Yup, I get that. The live sessions and practices will gently shift how you relate to your body, and give you time to come back to it. The practices, conversations and movement will open up your body in way you may have longed for, but forgotten. Every time women drop in, moving through layers of shame, it’s truly a relief. This course will end the disconnect and guide you to trust that your body holds wisdom, intelligence and intuition.

How is the course structured?

The best way to go on this journey is to follow the weekly content. I’ve created it in a way that will constantly empower you to go further, personally and in a collective.

We meet for 16 weeks over the course of 4 months for 75-minute sessions. Three are pre-recorded. If you can’t make the session live, the recording will be posted in your member section within 24 hours, so you can go at your own pace.

I alternate the session schedule every other week to meet various time zones live. For example, one week, the live session works for Americas + Europe. The following week, Americas, Asia, Australia + NZ. The live Q+A sessions work the same way.

Your weekly time commitment is an average of 3 hours including sessions, Q+As and home embodiment practices.

This program will be available for up to 5 years.

If you’ve really had it with the deep ache of not feeling good enough, and are 100% ready to open up to life, this journey is for you.

When are the weekly meetings?

TBD when the new group starts. Below is how the current group is organized.

The first and last meetings are on Sunday, Feb 28th and June 13th (Week1 and week 16). These are 90 minutes long.

All other live meetings are on Mondays (weeks 2-15) and are 60-75 minutes long, depending on the material. There are 3 pre-recorded sessions included in these weeks.

The time alternates every other week to be live for different time zones.

Sunday, Feb 28th 10am
Monday, Mar 8th 6pm
Monday, Mar 15th 10am
Monday, March 22nd, PRE-RECORDED
Monday, March 29th, 6pm
Monday, April 5th, 10am
Monday, April 12th, 6pm
Monday, April 19th, 10am
Monday, April 26th 6pm
Monday, May 3rd PRE-RECORDED
Monday, May 10th 10am
Monday, May 17th 6pm
Monday, May 24th PRE-RECORDED
Monday, May 31st 10am
Monday, June 7th 6pm
Sunday, June 13th 10am

The meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the members section, and available the following day.

The 9 Q+A sessions are scheduled on 9 Thursdays at 12pm PST. These are also recorded.

Do I have to be able to dance to join this group?
Definitely not. Most of the women I’ve taught over the years weren’t dancers or even movers. Intuitively, they felt that their bodies needed to move, in order to shift the shame. You’ll learn a form of movement that reconnects you to your body to release the old shape of shame and encourage the parts of yourself you left behind. The form’s all about discovery, curiosity and pleasure. When I began moving, I was stiff and uncomfortable. Shame was my body prison. Now, movement’s become the most natural thing in the world for my body. It always shows me a way out and back home.
I'm scared to join a group with my shame.

Please know that every one of us has that fear. It’s what kept me circling shame for years, even though it was at the core of my struggle. We’re ashamed of our shame, and sure that we’re the only ones who feel this way.

We address this early on in the course, and it’ll feel like a giant exhale, as it’s revealed.

It’s entirely up to you how much you wish to open up in the group. And you’ll get individual support from me in the way of a session when you wish to go deeper or feel stuck. I’ll also be available via email and the FB group. I know the places we hide, and how painful that ends up being. I make sure you won’t stay stuck or isolated.

Four months seems like a long time

Yes, it’s a commitment. But here’s the thing…we’ve honed our shame habits over decades, so for the shift to be real and not superficial, we need to take our time, to open to it, absorb and digest.

I’ve created this course for you to come out strong, clear and trusting. This is body learning and it takes repetion.

Over the course of these 4 months, you’ll get to take your time, not only to un do the old shame story, but to remember who you are and what you want.

Emotional work often overwhelms me. How do you support this?
You won’t get pulled under. On the contrary, this course is laid out in a step-by-step fashion. And because the learning is all done through the body, you’ll constantly be discovering ways out. Your body, you, are resourceful, and this is going to be endlessly revealed. Early on, in module 2, we emphasize the body’s natural wish to be free and discover new options of movement, perception and sensation. We build on this throughout the course.
What If I don't manage? I'm afraid of failing.

This could be your exact starting point – how shame shows up in your life. In Module 1, you’ll have time to get to know this. It’ll give you a steady base for learning.

I KNOW from experience that before diving into long-held beliefs and painful emotions, the fear of failure comes sneaking in. It’s part of why we avoid it. You’ll get tools to release this fear from your body.

Also, the weekly structure strengthens you and you build trust in yourself. So, when old fears come creeping in, you’ll have the tools to release them.

What do I need for my home practice?
Your body, a clear space to practice, a yoga mat or rug, a journal to write in, and your phone for music. That’s it.
What is your refund policy?

If after participating in the first month of weekly sessions and practices (Module 1 and half of Module 2), you recognize it’s not for you, you’ll get a full refund. You’ll have to demonstrate that you’ve incorporated the practices and reflections taught and offered in the first 4 weeks, including attending at least one meeting live.

Is this work trauma-informed?

I’ve spent more than 2 decades working with trauma. My professional training with the Grinberg Method, emphasized how our past hurts, fears and humiliations leave their mark on our bodies. During my studies, I was required to do my own intense process of healing and trauma work, and I’ve never stopped. Read more about my experience.

Is this work based on any psychological or spiritual theory?

No. This entire course works through the body and what your body holds. We will work with limiting beliefs and old conclusions you have about yourself, through the body. You’ll never receive a diagnosis, treatment plan or spiritual ideology. You’ll learn a step-by-step approach to shift out of an old shape you’re holding, one that keeps you stuck in a painful old story.

Is this relevant for all women?

The Shifting Shame journey places a strong emphasis on the lower body, including the low belly, hips, pelvis and womb area, and the energy women hold there.

It’s a vital area of feminine power.

The course is open to women of any sexual orientation.

And if you’ve experienced a partial or full hysterectomy this course is still very relevant, as we access the energy that this area of the body holds.

If you’re ready to shed old stories of shame and emerge full of self-compassion, connectedness and trust, join me on this 4-month journey.

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Shifting Shame: An Embodied Journey to Freedom

Get the key to unlocking and expressing the richness you hold inside yourself

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Express Interest for Shifting Shame

When we heal the deep wound of shame, the ripple effect is profound. We not only open ourselves to the life we long for, we touch the world around us.

As women, we’ve been trying so hard to make our lives feel like they’re ours. To live in a way that matters. So why does it still feel like we’re still doing something wrong?

That’s the wound of shame. It’s a chronic sense that you’re not enough, and it’s way past time to heal this.

I’ve taught hundreds of women all over the world, and as I’d watch the layers of shame come off, each woman would reveal herself in the most natural way. Their essence pouring out of them without even trying.

Is it really that easy?

Well… yes, and no.

Yes, because your body already knows how to do this. It’s constantly growing, learning, transforming, evolving. Your body’s always seeking freedom.

And no, because to become free, you have to choose it. Over and over again, until shame no longer has a grip on you. And that’s where you truly thrive.

This journey offers you a space where you’ll learn to open yourself to whatever arises, fear, grief, shame, desire, rage, fury, and trust that your body, YOU, can be powerful and free.

A love letter to you

I was once asked in an interview what’s the opposite of shame. I stumbled around to come up with an answer, but I couldn’t. It’s not binary. There’s no opposite. There’s YOU. The you who’s been yearning to break free, grow and express herself, exactly as she wants. The you who’s been longing to dance intimately with life, and even if she trips and falls, she’s ready to dust herself off and start dancing again.

The you who wants, hungers, laughs, enjoys, delights. Who’s curious, devilish, compassionate, carefree. Who says what she wants, asks for what she needs, and brings her heart to the world.

The you who can rest in stillness and play like a child. The one who is wise.

And your body’s the key.

It’s where you experienced the hurts and humiliations of your past. It’s where you shaped yourself today, coping with life the best you could. And it’s exactly where you’ll find your way out, melting the grip of the old stories and getting back those parts of yourself you left behind.

Shame shrank our zest for life. It gave us restrictive rules to live by and made us believe stories that don’t merit one more day or one more breath.

Your life is longing for you. And It’s time for your unique touch to reach the world.

I hope you’ll join me on this magical, moving journey.


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