Undoing the habit of self-doubt

You have everything you need, right now, to break free of self-doubt, shift shame and live your life from a place of trust, compassion and joy.

FREE Online Webinar

In this free, practical workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Tangibly un-do the contracted habit of self-doubt.
  • Digest your past to easefully embody your future.
  • Reconnect to your lower body, a woman’s place of power 

One of the biggest myths of self-doubt is that if you just had the right answer, the perfect words, or made the best choice, self-doubt would melt away, and you’d be safe.

This webinar offers an entirely different option and will leave you full of curiosity, spaciousness, and ease.

By the end, you’ll be rich with Body Wisdom and feel a physical connection to your potential.

If you’re a woman who fiercely wants more, and you’re ready to discover a place of deep and lasting freedom, join me!